The last ten years for the music industry across the globe has been huge , from the rise in online streaming to the emergence of viral musical stars via Youtube and other social media platforms. This article will look at some of the biggest emerging trends in the music industry as well as significant changes that have fundamentally changed the way we listen to and consume music.

Rising Stars In Music

One of the most noticeable trends in the last ten years has been the number of musical artists breaking the mould and appearing to make their way into music through social media. One of the most noticeable rising stars to make their way onto the music scene has been grime rapper Stormzy.

Stormzy is a rapper from London who went viral on YouTube and a number of social media channels quickly gaining a following and significant overall popularity. Thanks to the sucess of one of his viral videos , he has quickly gone on to be one of the biggest stars in the British rap scene.

Since becoming famous worldwide , Stormzy has released several albums which have been met with acclaimed success in the UK and considerable media coverage. In his musical career spanning only a few years stormzy has made more progress and sales of his music than some established artists have had in decades.

This clearly illustrates the overall influence and impact that grassroots social media shares and videos can have on the general public as well as the music industry as a whole. Without a doubt YouTube and Facebook were considerable factors in Stormzy’s success helping him to reach out to larger audiences.

How Is The Music Industry Changing?

Thanks to these noticeable trends and surges in popularity for music via social media , increasingly the music industry is making a push for prominent musical artists to feature on social media to showcase themselves and their music.

It is thought that doing this is important to ensure that they stay engaged with their audience and attract new people to their music. One of the ways in which this is being done is through music streaming services. Music streaming services are a way in which artists can release new music and work instantly to their followers.

This works well for those with a large following and means that the artists can enjoy a revenue stream through these services. However traditional cd sales as well as album sales will also be worth more and earns more for the artist as well as the record label overall.

Without doubt it is clear that the music industry is changing as we know it. This has come about as a result of technology changes as well as changes in music consumption in society.

How Can Record Labels Adapt To These Changes Effectively?

Overall there are a number of ways in which record labels can adapt to these changes effectively. One of the best ways this can be done is by closely consulting with the artist.

Speaking with the music artists about their audience as well as their own ideas and opinions is one of the best ways in which this can be done.