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We love brass bands, and since you are reading this we are going to assume that you do too. Brass bands are one of the oldest formats of modern music, and they are one of the best live music performances that you can experience. The trouble is, how can brass bands stay relevant during the digital age and gain the attention of people on social media platforms? The answer is simple: they need an active presence on social media so that everyone can see what they are doing and listen to their songs. It takes a lot more than just setting up a page, as we are going to find out in this informative article, sometimes you need a little help from auto Instagram followers.

auto instagram followers

What Are Auto Instagram Followers?

So you’ve set up an Instagram page for your brass band, now you have to start filling it with amazing content that showcases your band and music. You will need some nice photographs, including shots of the band in action, as well as group shots. You will also definitely need some video clips of the band’s music, ideally at a big event or competition. Then you have to start growing your following on Instagram, and one of the easiest ways of doing this is with auto Instagram Followers from IBF. This clever software means that you don’t have to worry about seeking out new followers for your profile, the service does it all for you. This means you can concentrate on the band and making great music.

auto instagram followers

Instagram Engagement

One thing that you learn when you start using social media platforms to showcase a group or organisation like a brass band is that the more you choose to interact with the online community, the more engagement you will get back. Engagement simply refers to people engaging with you in some shape or form within the social media realm. Leaving a like, leaving a comment, or saving your post are all forms of engagement, and this all helps you get more followers in the long run. This happens because your profile is providing value to the community in other ways than just what your content provides. Instagram engagement is the highest of any other social media platform’s engagement levels, so it appears that the Instagram community is a lot more outspoken when it comes to interacting with others.

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Tapping Into Your Audience

Since Instagram’s engagement levels are much higher than anywhere else, it makes sense to tap into this powerful network. Not only will this drastically help to increase the awareness of your band, but it will also increase your fan base, which is always necessary when you are a small band. As your following grows, you want to nurture your new community of followers, by giving them recognition and involvement. This will allow your band’s name to increase in popularity and spread around the music world that exists in Instagram. Start tapping into the potential of Instagram today and grow your following.