If you are new to the idea of playing music with others, it can seem like a daunting task trying to assemble a group of like-minded musicians who all want to play together.

There is a big difference between just making noise with other musicians and coming together to form a collective instrument that we can a band.

Finding good musicians to play can be challenging, and getting on with them is even harder.

This will help you form a band that will jell together and make great music.

Step 1 – Find Musicians

The traditional band set up is a guitarist, a drummer, a bassist and a signer, but it is not necessary to stick to this format. The overall band format depends very much on the type of band you are going to be and genre of music you are going to play.

You can find new band mates on social media sites such as Facebook, and make sure to check out local hot spots for musicians, like record stores and equipment shops. These types of places will very often have ads and noticeboards for this kind of thing, so search around.

Step 2 – Pick Your Style and Genre

This step is very important, and newly formed bands can find it tricky to nail down their sound and pick a genre to play. Ideally everyone should sit down and discuss their influences and share some of their favourite tracks so that a style can be chosen

Step 3 – Find A Practice Space

As a newly formed band you need a space that you can take over and make your own. This space should nurture creativity and be as distraction-free as possible. You should feel comfortable leaving all your equipment in this space, and you need to be able to access it at any time that you want to practice. Get practising and start finding gigs!