A good music room needs to adds a certain ambience to a room while keeping noise levels down throughout the house.

A music room is a place where you can make noise and not be heard.

That is why I think there are few places in a home where sound can’t be created: a normal living room, a bedroom, a bathroom.

They are all sound activated areas.

What we need to add however is a music room effect.

The use of an acoustical wall is one such option. This allows us to help the walls mask sounds: we’ve all heard the movie “Home Alone” where cracking noises can be heard in the movies.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could make those noises disappear?

M crystalline silicon material is sandwiched between two layers of fabric; one being transparent and one being fabric.

And when it is applied to both the transparent and fabric layers the surface structure changes dramatically, the reflectivity of the fabric increases and the fabric also reflects sound.

This design can be used for any two-dimensional surface in the interiors of any room.

Another way we can make noise disappear is to apply an additional fabric layer, as in the case of Navajo carpet or difficult to massage grounded boards.

A wall made out of structural foam coated with acoustical fabric will also increase the sound absorbing ability of the wall; that is called a “waterproof” wall.

These walls are often used in basement areas when building a new home.

Usually the wall is thicker than when used in framing the basement walls.

The applications are endless, but making the walls soundproof is a rewarding investment.