An online music store is a store that sells musical instruments, music sheet music and other musical instruments like electric guitar, keyboard, drums, organs and keyboards. The goods and services offered by such stores are almost similar to those found in brick and mortar music stores but are generally less expensive. Online stores generally have their own websites. These websites showcase a large variety of musical instruments and are a source of information about them. They display pictures and all details pertaining to musical instruments.

The seller for the online music store provides customers with the facility to purchase musical instruments on credit or with money order. The amount of credit required varies from customer to customer. In case of order with money order, the seller accepts the payment in a specified period after the order has been confirmed. In case of credit, the seller requires the customer to pay the full price of the musical instrument in a short span of time. Payment can be made by credit card, cash, cheque, credit or debit card. This kind of payment scheme enables the seller to keep the payment transaction brief and helps in keeping the cost down. It is not necessary that the instruments are sold through online stores, the sellers also provide the option of retailing the instruments and the customer can buy the instruments in the locality where they are sold.

Music stores are available in all states of the US, with few minor exceptions. Most of the music stores are situated in the states of California, Michigan, Illinois, North Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin, Oregon, and Massachusetts. Music stores have the capability to provide music-sheet music and musical instruments on all kinds of musical instruments. The stores are available throughout the year and are more popular during Christmas time. The music stores require minimum stocking of music sheet music. The music stores generally do not stock antique instruments. Some of the famous names in the online music stores are: