quick sell house

This is the story of how one of our band members had to quick sell house he had inherited from his family. Sometimes life gets in the way and messes up your plans before you even get a chance to finish them. This is what happened to Jake, our trombone player, who is a little bit older than the rest of the band. This doesn’t mean Jake is boring at all, and in fact he is one of the most passionate and loud members of the band and this story is testament to his dedication to the music and ourselves. We really are lucky to be able to have him with us. This is his story.

quick sell house

Why Did He Have To Quick Sell House?

When we found out that Jake’s great uncle had passed away and left him a considerable stack of assets, our initial reaction was one of excitement mixed with compassion for his loss. Jake wasn’t exactly shook up about it, but still it was a sad time and we gave him a little bit of breathing space before the questions started. We all wanted to know what he was going to do with this Uncle’s house, which now belonged to him. We all wanted it to become the band’s holiday home, and although we were joking, this would have been pretty cool. The trouble was, it was miles away and not exactly without its faults. There were also lots of dates set up for this years tour, and this meant that we would be on the road a lot of the time, so a quick sell of the house was the only option.

quick sell house

What Happened?

In the end Jake very sensibly took the advice of his close family members and decided to put the house up for sale. The problem was when he contacted the estate agents, they all said that it would take at least 6 months to sell, and there would be viewing and paperwork and all kinds of hassle. Jake just couldn’t afford all this extra time trying to sort out a sale, but luckily a solution was found in an online cash buyer.


What is An Online Buyer?

This is something that we were very confused about. ‘Are you selling it on eBay?’ was one of the questions that was asked when he told us about the plan. He then explained that he was using a service that is provided by a home buying company. These guys essentially have a big fat stack of cash and buy homes whenever they want, with the view of doing them up and selling them on, or just waiting on the open market to sell. It is pretty much idea for people in Jake’s circumstances, who can’t afford to wait for months on end to finalise a sale. The service is very quick, with a sale being organised in as little as one week, and it is also very stress free for the seller. The company usually takes care of all the paperwork from their end, and even covers fees and legal matters.