This an interesting story that we dug out of our archives recently and gave us all a nice trip down memory lane. A few years ago, we were practising in the ground floor space that had been put together as a DIY practice area by ourselves. We had done all the usual things that you would expect so as not to drive the neighbours mad – soundproofing, daytime practice schedule and a nice letter saying to contact us straight away if there were any issues. The problem arose a few months later when we realised that our soundproofing that was placed over the windows had covered up some damage that needed to be addressed, meaning that as the winter months rolled in, the damage progressed into a real issue. In the end, we had to shell out for sash window repair to stop the rain soaking into the building, and this is the story of the events that transpired.

sash window repairWhat Even Is Sash Window Repair?

We were told that in most cases, you can repair a sash yourself if you are skilled at DIY. If you have a very handy toolkit and are knowledgeable about DIY projects, you can do some basic repairs to your windows. The problem was, we were all fairly useless at this kind of thing, so we enlisted the help a specialist sash window repair company to tackle the job. When they arrived to check out the situation, they informed us that the windows were indeed in a poor state and that we were lucky we called them when we did, as they may not have survived the winter. They set about the repairs and were able to get them finished in a day, with minimal disruption to us which we were pleased about.

sash window repairWhat About Building Regulations?

You may find out that there are no local building codes in your area that require a sash window to be replaced by a professional. However, a lot of buildings, especially in the UK, must follow strict regulations for any work that is done to the building, structural or otherwise. Since we were fairly clueless when it came to home improvement and DIY, we were glad that we went with a professional organisation that had extensive experience in property preservation, particular with older buildings.

If you decide that calling in a professional is the best option for you, it is important to keep in mind that you should make sure that they are bonded and insured, and can be trusted to do a professional window replacement when needed. Even though many window professionals are reputable, there is still a chance that they could end up doing the work wrong or not getting the job done correctly.

window repairWhat We Learned

While window replacement can be a big undertaking, it is certainly worth it if your sash windows are not working properly. So, remember that when you need to do sash window repair, the first thing that you should think about is finding a company that has experience with older properties and window repair in general. That way you will get a long-lasting repair that won’t fail prematurely.