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The Best Portable Music Players

The Best Portable Music Players

The Best Portable Music Players

Portable music players come in many sizes and shapes. They are often¬†powered by the owner’s own rechargeable batteries or can be plugged into an outlet. In some cases a distinction is made as to whether a portable music player, cordless and/or battery-powered, is used by the user or with earphones, and what type of sound system is used. This article attempts to clarify the differences between portable music players, as well as provide some guidelines for buying one.

Differences In Media

One of the biggest differences between cordless and battery-powered portable music players is that the latter requires an external power source, either through a cigarette lighter or through a USB port on the computer. The microSD card inserted in most modern smartphones serves as an extra power source. Most phone manufacturers include the necessary cable and microSD card reader that allow connecting to an MP3 player’s data storage via the telephone jack or other electrical means. Cordless players that do not have built-in connection to the computer may rely on an external power source, either in the form of a microSD card or an AC adapter. Many smartphones have the ability to accept Micro SD cards, though currently only a few have the hardware capability to read the data from these cards.

Main Music Players

There are currently two leading portable music players available for use with smartphones: the Futura Se100 and the iPhone. Futura Se100 has a sleek design that houses the speaker and MicroSD card readers. The iPhone, on the other hand, uses a standard headphone jack that plugs into the wall for power and control. The iPhone’s larger display and better built quality allow it to be used with more accessories including its own rechargeable batteries. Both smartphones are capable of playing most of the iTunes store.

Both devices are reasonably priced, making them accessible to most consumers. Although the Futura Se100 is slightly more expensive than the iPhone, both devices still maintain relatively high ratings. The iPhone’s sound quality is especially helpful to audiophiles, as it tends to be much clearer and offers a better sound quality than many other smartphones. If you prefer audiophiles to sound quality, however, it might be best to stick with the iPhone.

Audiophiles who are looking for the best portable music players can find a number of options available. Most leading cell phone manufacturers have at least one smartphone product that features high-quality audio. Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson, and Asus all offer smartphones with built-in sound quality. While these smartphones would be great for audiophiles, those with a tendency to prefer other types of music may want to consider investing in some high-quality portable music players instead.

Last Points

One feature often considered essential by many smartphone users is the ability to take music directly from their phones onto compatible audio software. Fortunately, there are now several quality aptx media players with an aptx connection port on the front. By plugging in an aptx cable, the users can connect their smartphones to their media players via a USB port. Even though most aptx software requires the use of a microphone, smartphone models have the ability to play back dictations and voice notes directly from the device. For those who want the most comprehensive experience, it may be best to buy an aptx enabled smartphone.