hip hop

Hip hop is one of those genres that will stand the test of time no matter what.

It represents a fusion of culture, and empowering people to stand up and be heard.

Hip hop was born in the United States, when inner-city black people and Latinos came together to give rise to a new age of music that would last 50 years and beyond.

It consists of rhythmic style music that is usually accompanied by rapping, which is rhythmic and rhyming speech.

It should be noted that hip hop and rapping are essentially two different things, with rapping referring to the signing or spoken word, and hip hop relating to the entire subculture of music.

The terms can be synonymous however, but the term hip hop encompasses a whole range of other elements, like DJing, scratching, turntablism and beatboxing.

Hip hop can also be instrumental, and does not strictly need rapping over it to make it a hip hop song.

Hip hop has branched off in so many different directions over the years, and it has been adopted and hybridised with lots of other genres.

Take our band for example, we fused elements of hip hop with our brass band roots to form our signature sound.

Without the history of hip hop, we would just be another brass band making noise.

Instead we are focused and rhythmic group that are able to stand out from the crowd, as well as play very different songs than the other brass bands.

Hip hop is generally around 80 – 100 BPM (beats per minute) and this stead, head-bopping tempo is what gives hip hop its characteristic flow that people love.

When we combine it with a selection of bold brass instruments, we can create completely new sounds that have ever been explored before.

Hip hop has gone in so many different directions, including glitch hop and chill hop, with millions of people listening to some form of hip hop every day.